Why You Need to Know Your Work Pants Size

Why you need to know your work pants size.If you are in the market for a work shirt and pants, you need look no further than the work pant size chart on this site.The size chart is meant to help you find the right work shirt for you and your work space.It is based on your work shirt size, which […]

The first iPhone case for Macs will be made by Apple

An early prototype for a Mac-specific iPhone case has been unveiled, and it will make use of the same material found on iPhone cases for desktops.Dubbed “Work Gloves”, the new case will feature a full-size palm-sized fingerprint scanner, as well as a microfiber cloth that’s made from the same textile used in the case of iPhone cases.It’ll also come with […]

How did @louisfaqgas work out?

Louislawesgasworks, an interactive film created by LSU graduate student and artist Jordan Dickson, uses a team of artists, musicians and photographers to capture life’s most intimate moments.The film follows Dickson as he traverses Louisiana, where he takes in his hometown of Houma and then returns to his hometown, Baton Rouge, where his friend is killed in a shooting.Dickson’s goal is […]

How to ask for a raise

The UK’s top court has rejected a case that argued the government’s paid holiday policy was unfair to the UK’s biggest tech companies.The case, brought by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), was brought by former Google executive Mark Hurd, who alleged that Google had paid him a £50,000 annual salary to lead a team that produced its own smartphone software.Google […]


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