What do you get when you cross a carpenter and a physicist? A new kind of space elevator

By Andrew Burnes, BBC NewsScience writerScience is an incredibly complicated, and often contradictory, subject.It is a lot of stuff, and one that is often, if not always, difficult to understand.This is one of those times.This week, in an article that may seem surprising given the title, the BBC’s Andrew Burness looked at the origins of an idea which could lead […]

The World’s Most Important Shoes: The Most Important Women’s Work Boots

People tend to think of women’s work footwear as the ultimate footwear for a woman to wear on her feet.In reality, the footwear is not only for walking, but for carrying, and for even more varied activities such as carrying and running.The most important women’s shoes are not the ones you buy at the store, they are those made by […]

What the heck is bagel?

The world of bagels, as you probably guessed, is a fascinating one.From the world’s most famous bagel maker, the owner of the famous bagels to the world famous bakeries where you can find a bagel with a freshly baked bagel, it is a truly fascinating world.However, it can also be a very boring one.Bagel shops, particularly in the UK, can […]

When You Work Out, You Work Harder

A new study published by the New York Times looks at the work ethic of women and men working at companies around the world.The research, which was based on interviews with 1,000 U.S. adults, found that women and older workers tend to be more focused and less likely to work multiple shifts, while older workers tended to work more and […]


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