Why some people will be happy to work from home, even if it means the end of their job

The new reality of the modern workweek is starting to be felt in the city of Philadelphia, where the majority of the city’s employees are expected to work at least two full days a week.The new workday is expected to come into effect in Philadelphia on Jan. 1, and it’s going to have a profound impact on the lives of […]

How to use a Google Glass to learn a new language

As a first-generation college student in the US, I was fascinated by the Google Glass.The device looked like a small computer, but I could interact with it via voice commands.Google Glass was the first Google product that offered the possibility to take notes, answer questions and translate texts on a screen.It was so much fun, and I could use it […]

How to find good works tractoring

This article has been removed from the Google News search results for: philadelphia fuel works,good work tractors,work,tractors source ABC News (AU) title Good works tractor service in South Australia article This page has been moved to the correct home page.You can also find the original article at: phila.gov.au/news/work-tractor-service-south-australia-article-1.html.

How to make a living with gas, oil and gas equipment

Workers who want to be profitable, secure in their homes and in the future, need the right tools, said Mark Breslin, the former owner of Breslins Automotive Repair and Services in Pembroke Pines, Fla.“If you don’t have a tool, you can’t do anything,” Bresins, 74, said in an interview.“You can’t afford to buy a new tool.You can’t even buy a […]

What the new gas masks in the US mean for workers

Workers in the United States have been using respirators for at least three years.But they have not always been able to use them in an emergency, and that is about to change.Al Jazeera’s Ben Goldacre reports from the city of Philadelphia.


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