What the science says about the ‘Montana Works’ experiment

It seems as if Montana’s work week could soon be shortened by just five minutes.The state’s governor, Steve Bullock, has announced that it will end the three-day weekend in 2019.“The Montana Works,” which started in September 2018, has been credited with boosting the state’s economy by $1.4 billion.Bullock said the state will use the extra money to fund job training […]

Why the Montanans love sex workers

Montananans are getting off on this metalwork from here on out.It’s a combination of the high value of the materials used, the variety of shapes and colors, and the ability to do the work on demand.It seems like every home and office in the province is having a go at this particular art form, and I have to admit, it’s […]

How Montana’s work is helping the NFL work for Instacart

It’s been three years since the NFL implemented its InstacART pilot program, and Montana has been working hard to get his work recognized.Montana is one of three Utah players who are helping to build a national network for the sport.The other two are tight end Ryan Anderson and defensive end Jordan Reed, both of whom have been working with the […]

Montana Work Wheels

The Montana Work Wheel is a new work-around for the Montana Work Days.It lets you work from home during the rest of the week, or even during vacation if you’re traveling.There are two different options available, the “Skechers Work” and the “Montana Work” models.Both are $100 a month, with the Skechers Work being $150 a month and the Montana Working […]

How to build a black work boot, black boots and work boots

In my previous blog post I mentioned that I had found a couple of black work boots that work in spain.I was very pleased with the quality of the boots.In this blog post, I am going to share with you a few things about these boots, so that you can get a feel for how to use them in a […]


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