What’s the best pair of shoes for a guy with no feet?

Mens work boots (also called work wear) are popular for working out in the gym, running, and in the pool.The sole is made of an athletic, high-quality material and has a firm grip.They have been used in the military and other jobs since the 1800s.Workwear shoes are generally made from a soft material that has been designed to absorb water […]

Snapchat not working in Washington, DC

The social media giant says it is experiencing difficulties accessing and updating its network of 24 million users in the Capital Beltway.Snapchat has been facing some challenges updating its services, including a lack of connectivity and connectivity issues that have prevented it from updating its API.“Snapchat users across the country are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with its API,” a spokeswoman […]

When will the Capitals be back?

With the playoffs nearing, the Capitals are ready to make a big jump in their playoff push.Head coach Barry Trotz said Wednesday that they will make a change with their starting lineup.“We’re going to start with our forwards, obviously,” Trotz told reporters.“We have a couple of players that are starting to show that they’re going through a tough time and […]

Which coaches will take on deep work and which will simply work?

A new survey of sports performance coaches reveals that deep work can be a great way to get to the top of your sport.The survey by the Sports Performance Institute (SPI) of the world’s most prestigious coaches revealed that athletes from different disciplines had different needs for deep work.The authors of the survey, which has been published in the Journal […]


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