Which coaches will take on deep work and which will simply work?

A new survey of sports performance coaches reveals that deep work can be a great way to get to the top of your sport.The survey by the Sports Performance Institute (SPI) of the world’s most prestigious coaches revealed that athletes from different disciplines had different needs for deep work.The authors of the survey, which has been published in the Journal […]

Why do hot art works exist?

Hot art works are the work of artists who have done a good job of creating something cool and fresh.Hot art work is what’s on your wall, on your desk, or in your bedroom.Hot works are what you might see on your refrigerator or on your fridge shelf.Hot art works come in all shapes and sizes.They can be cute, creepy, […]

How to earn $1 million a year working as a social worker

This article originally appeared on CUNY DEGREE WORKS.CUNYS MEDICAL CENTER FOR SOCIAL WORKS is the largest in the nation with nearly 2,000 employees.For more news, videos and resources from the health center, visit cunysmedicine.org.Share this story on Facebook Share this article with your friends

Why does Armature work with bitcoin and why is it not supported?

Armature is a Bitcoin fork that is being used by several projects, such as the Bitcointalk forum, to provide a secure cryptocurrency network to the Bitcoin community.It also provides an alternative to using a public blockchain such as Ethereum or Ripple for payment processing.This article describes the Armature fork, its benefits, and why it is not being supported by the […]

Which Movie Stars Are Taking the Most Netflix Money?

Netflix has a reputation for being an internet-dependent, data-driven company that has taken a lot of heat for its business model, which is to be a content aggregator and not a content provider.And the company is taking a hit in the recent election cycle as well, losing an election in California.Now, a new report from a group of media experts […]

How to get your job back

Workers who can’t find a steady, high-paying job have little choice but to look elsewhere for their livelihood.They are usually seeking to take a second job, or they are looking to make the transition to a new occupation, or a change in employer.For some, the transition is even more difficult.The jobs they have been offered are often poorly paid, insecure, […]

President Obama’s job-creation numbers are getting a boost

The White House announced Friday that its economic-growth numbers have improved significantly in the fourth quarter of the year, a sign that Obama has finally figured out how to make the economy more resilient to the effects of climate change.The economy grew by 2.1 percent in the first three months of the new year, the most in seven quarters.The unemployment […]

How to Get the Best Out of Your Water Source Fortune title Get Your Water in a Better Shape to Make Your Life Better

The water industry has seen a massive increase in demand for water for personal use in recent years.But even with this increase in usage, there’s still not a whole lot to know about the basics of how water works.That’s where we bring you our top 10 tips for water efficiency in the modern age.1.Get water from sources that have proven […]

How to tell if your app’s going to be a success

Apple has long had a reputation for being a tight-knit company that’s hard to get to know.That’s partly because of its history of manufacturing and sales, but it also has a reputation of making sure that all of its products, no matter how niche, have a huge fan base.This is the mindset that led to the launch of the iBooks, […]

How to pay for federal work study

There’s no shortage of places for federal workers to work: from the Pentagon to the Office of Management and Budget to the Federal Trade Commission.And the federal government can pay its workers more if they want to.But the government’s work study program has long struggled to keep up with demand.It is not a good idea to have workers working longer […]


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